Peter Blanco was born and raised in Queens, New York; and is of Colombian descent.
Peter has had training in many forms of digital art, including Illustration, Animation and
Photography. He graduated from Queensborough College in 2005, and from the
New York Institute of Technology in 2008. He was awarded
NYIT's Certificate of Art Faculty Award, and featured in the QCC Art Gallery in 2004.

Peter currently lives in New York, and works as a freelance animator, available for any
job involving Illustration, Photography, Design, or Animation

Among many things, he enjoys video games, comics, manga, and movies. All of these
media have had a strong influence on is work. He also plays keyboard and a little bit of bass.
Oh, and he eats at Taco Bell waaaaaay too much.
Although he spends most of his free time on a treadmill....