Archived News

BLOCKS Project
Peter is creating 3D enviroments for "The Blocks of Continuality Project"
with Koosil-Ja/Dance KUMIKO.

"Blocks is a dance and live cinema work and tells three stories at
the same time to simulate our coexistence, our living, in the world of digital and flesh."
Set to debut in Spring 2009, be sure to check it out.

Barack Obama Vs. John McCain
Ever wondered which Presidential candidate would win in a light saber duel?
Well, wonder no more. Peter is collaborating with Catman & Mary Productions to bring
this "dream match" to life. Peter will be one of many artists contributing visual effects for
this project.
Look for it here.

Peter is currently creating models and animation for MESA3D- from, a
social networking site for "travel geeks"

"Mesa3D is an exhilarating new way to travel without having to pack or even leave the house. Personalize your character and virtual gallery, then head to exotic destinations like Ross Island, Antarctica and explore alongside your friends." It's up now, so check it out.